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Cyber Breach: Is Your Business Safe?


Cyber-breach-shutterstock_24174295No, honestly, I don’t know if any business or anyone is truly safe from cyber breach. We all hear the news and see the stories about this company being hacked or that information being stolen. Many think of cyber breach as being something that only happens to small businesses. Nope. Consider the recent news about Target, Internet Explorer and even AOL. It’s true. No one is safe.

We know, in a car, there’s chance for a collision. So, we wear our seatbelts. We know, on a boat, there’s chance someone could fall overboard. So, we wear our lifejackets. We know, when we travel, there’s a chance of getting lost. So, we bring a map or charge the GPS. The list goes on, and cyber security is no different.

We know there is a risk, so why don’t we take precautions. Many businesses do, and all businesses should. Cyber insurance packages can be added to standard errors and omissions policies. These packages cover things such as cyber security breach liability, privacy breach liability and cyber breach response services, such as forensics and credit monitoring.

In today’s world, technology is king. The Internet is not going away and technology is moving faster and faster. You have to stay connected to do business, but staying connected also comes with risk. Put on your seat belt, locate your life jacket and set up your cyber breach insurance coverage.


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