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Disaster Preparedness for Your Business

This time of year, many of us are counting down the days to summer vacation. We’ve made the switch to sandals, flip-flops and open toed shoes. The sun is shining, and we’re already starting to complain about the heat. Really, it’s a wonderful time. It’s also the time of year when folks start to talk about hurricanes. The season officially kicked off on June 1, and Tropical Storm Bill has already arrived on the Texas coast.

Knowing the season is upon us, it makes sense to assess your full disaster plan for your small business. Do you have the necessary insurance in place? What disasters is your business most prone to experience? Don’t forget, in recent years, we’ve had some unusual events in some unlikely places.

Now that you’re in the mindset to plan ahead, take a look at this fantastic resource from the U.S. Small Business Administration about how to prepare your small business for a disaster. This article offers tips for specific disaster types that may impact your business operations. You must ensure that not only your coverage is in place, but that you also have a communications plan and a continuation (or disaster recovery) of business plan.

Enjoy your summer and, like a boy scout, be “always prepared.”

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