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Maximize your Vacation; Plan Ahead for Your Business

Beach_Vacation_Prepare_BusinessFor small-business owners and key personnel, it’s often difficult to truly take a vacation. There’s always something that needs your attention or a preverbal fire to put out. We’ve got your business insurance covered, but it’s up to you to plan ahead and position your business to run smoothly while you’re away. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Notify key clients of your absence. Make sure they know who they can call should they need assistance. If you’re planning to check email and voicemail while you’re away, advise key clients of timelines. “I’m checking email and voicemail three times a day, and will return messages within 24 hours.” The client should know that while you have a mobile device, your response time may be delayed.
  2. Plan Ahead. You should know well in advance when your summer vacation will take place. Work diligently during the weeks leading into the trip to ensure that deadlines are met and projects are in a position to move forward without you. Avoid accepting new deadlines (if possible) that would require you to work during your vacation.
  3. Make sure your staff knows how to reach you in case of emergency, or who is in charge in your absence. Sometimes things come up, and you’ll want to know about them.
  4. Have a plan of your own for working from your destination. Are you going to put in a few hours while you’re gone? Probably. Plan when those hours will be – in the morning before hitting the beach, at lunch when the sun is at its hottest or in the middle of the night when all is quiet. If you plan your “work” hours ahead of time, you’re more likely to plan your time and avoid working all the time.

We all need a vacation sometimes. It’s important for your personal health, your family wellness and your overall ability to perform professionally. Having some time away to rejuvenate yourself and distress is very important. Remember, we’re managing your risks, so you can concentrate on your business – or in this case, on your vacation. Happy travels.

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