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Principles, Values and Mission

Linda A. Christ has over 25 years experience as a commercial insurance agent and broker. Clients working with her should expect superior customer service, and a customized approach to their business insurance needs. Linda built her business on a commitment to serving her clients effectively and efficiently and becoming a valued trusted resource for commercial insurance support and risk management.

A Trusted Resource for Business and Risk Management

Our mission is to help clients manage risk through a consultative and productive approach, becoming one of their most trusted business advisors.  We are committed to being transparent, honest and unbiased in the services we provide – always keeping the best interests of the client top of mind. With a wide range of expertise in the insurance industry, we provide our clients with a unique perspective, serving as a guide, a resource and a problem-solver.

We have built our reputation and our business by maintaining relationships and generating positive word of mouth. Customer satisfaction and well-being is important. We look forward to drawing on years of diversified experience to craft creative insurance solutions that deliver thorough coverage, and ensure our clients are prepared for the myriad of business situations that may arise.

Our Promise

With continued education and professional development, we maintain an accurate outlook on changes and news from the insurance industry. If any industry change directly impacts our clients, we will identify those clients and discuss any necessary information and recommended coverage updates with them. This provides them an immediate opportunity to react, and keep their business coverage up-to-date. With real-time industry expertise, we will advise on which products, or combination of products, will best support our clients’ needs today and going forward.

When a customer has an insurance question, a claim or needs to obtain a new quote for service, we will react quickly in order to make this effort as fast and easy as possible. Expediting responses puts a client at ease and makes their job just a little bit easier. We are here to support our clients, and thus this quality of service is a fundamental necessity for business success.

The only certainty in any business situation is that change is inevitable. We are here, ready to react, as each client and business situation requires. It is our duty and commitment to be a trusted resource, invested in the success of our clients, just as they are invested in the success of themselves. We are ready to explain industry developments, offer expert advice, guidance and support as needed.

Specializing in risk management, we work with each client to identify and educate them about potential risks within their business. Once those risks have been fully highlighted, together, we develop a plan that is on budget and includes the level of protection necessary to ensure the business is prepared for unforeseen circumstances if and when they arise.

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