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My TOP FIVE Scariest Insurance Scenarios – Well, Six Really

As we await the little ghouls, goblins, princesses and fairies that will soon grace our doorsteps begging for candy, I got to thinking – what are the scariest things I’ve seen or can imagine when it comes to insurance scenarios as related to your business. As I write this post, I’ll admit, it’s terrifying.

#6. A customer slips and falls in your store or office. The customer needs help getting up and yells loudly, “It is your fault because the floor is sticky.”

#5. You sue for collection of a bad debt and the client counter sues for failure to perform the terms of the agreement.

#4. You are traveling on business and rent a car.  You have a bad accident, and you are hurt. So is the other driver, and the cars are totaled.

#3. There is a fire at your place of business and your computers are destroyed, along with your backup file

#2. An employee sues you for discrimination because they did not get the promotion you awarded to someone else.

#1. And, the TOP SCARIEST insurance scenario is NOT HAVING insurance to protect you in any of the above scariest scenarios.

As we head into Halloween, prepare to be frightened by the witches, ghosts and jack-o-lanterns that come out after dark, but be able to rest safe, knowing your business assets are protected and secure, even in the scariest scenarios.

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