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Workman’s Comp – Who Needs It?


It is common, especially in small businesses, for owners to select workman’s comp policies that do not provide coverage to themselves. It is also common for companies who handle strictly clerical tasks to skip purchasing workman’s comp altogether.

As a business owner, or a benefits specialist, it’s important to select a workman’s comp policy that accounts for the possibility of any employee, no matter their job, getting injured at work. For the employee who works at a desk all day, they may injure their back due to improper placement of their monitor and require medical attention. For the high-level executive who travels a lot representing the company, an injury may come as a result of car accident in route to the airport. For the IT professional who sometimes has to lift heavy boxes, an injury may be caused when a box is accidently dropped on his toe.

All of these are examples of people who do not have physically demanding jobs, but may still, someday, need workman’s comp. The bottom line cost for covering these people is small in comparison to coverage for the obvious employees, like warehouse workers, construction workers and security personnel. In the event of an accident where injury occurs, the benefit of having coverage in place far outweighs the expense.

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