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“You Kind of Set off an Eternal Winter.” -Princess Anna of Arendelle

Disney’s FROZEN took the world by storm (literally) – merchandise sold out, massive ticket sales, kids belting out the lyrics to those songs in every home, shopping center, school and car across the country. Disney really hit the mark with this film. While I don’t expect the world to be frozen solid due to Elsa’s ice powers anytime soon, the film did highlight how weather can impact a society and a business. Arendelle pretty much came to a stand-still due to the unexpected blizzard. Not only did their business and way of life stop, they found themselves in danger as well.

Kristoff, the ice salesman, had another problem. His business wasn’t impacted in the same way as those inside the kingdom walls, but who wants to buy ice when the entire town is frozen? He certainly endured a loss of income as well.

While no insurance policy can fight back against mother nature (or Queen Elsa), having the right policy for your business can protect it during times of uncertainty, weather disasters and other incidents. The people of Arendelle had to rely on Prince Hans (spoiler alert – who wasn’t trust-worthy) and the castle staff to protect them, feed them, provide for them. With the right policy in place, you can cover your bases, protect your assets and most importantly manage the risk. It may not be business (or kingdom) as usual, but you’ll be protected and prepared.

Did you know you can protect yourself against things like loss of income? Loss of productivity? Looting? Physical damages? Expiration or Loss of Merchandise? Etc?

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